Models:   LACO RV 100   ::   LACO RV 350

Reinvigorator LACO 100

Reinvigorates, enervates and curls shellfishes

Ideal to work octopus, squids, ink fishes, cuttle fishes and all kinds of shellfishes
working the shellfishes trough a rotating reel.
Perfect to curl from small amounts of products up to 20 kg of product.
For restaurants, pizzerias, fish markets and supermarkets
Self containing dimensions
Domestic voltaic capacity:
(220 volt).
Safe and easy to handle.
Easy to set in every kitchen
and commercial site.


This machine is extremely safe and easy to operate. The operator will load the shellfishes from the top while the rotating reel is always immersed. Only after the closing of the top lid, the machine is able to work.

Work optimization

The structure and the variable speed of the rotating reel allow the work optimization with a
reduction of the work period.

Technical characteristics

Stainless steel loom, basin and rotating reel. Direct electromechanical driving gear with rare maintenance. Safe switch in the top lid. Rotating reel speed adjustable trough a speed variator (INVERTER). Internal lighting (optional) The machine and the electric switch board are built according to CE and IP 55 laws.


Shellfishes are wonderfully tender and appetizing. Product is extremely turgid and attractive. Increase in volume. High safety for the operator.
RV 100
Ideal for restaurants, pizzerias and fish markets
Volume capacity : 100lt
Quantity of worked products: 15/20kg
Average working time: 30 min approx.