La Cognata Company (LACOMET srl)

Established in 1985 La Cognata Company works in different industrial sectors: plastic, construction, textile, food, design, machine tools and plasma cut.

Since its origin the company was devoted towards innovation. Our force and competitiveness are built on research, design, testing and on our professional skills and abilities.

Our continuous attention towards client's needs allows us to produce and sell complex and good quality products, to operate with excellent results, offering a flexible and high standard service with focusing on quality and safety in all industrial sectors.

Our Company’s core business is carpenter metallic construction directly and for third parties. We are able to design products made of stainless steel 304 and 316 and also iron steel at Mn.

Thanks to our flexibility we are able to design and build a wide variety of machines and equipments according to CE laws.

From design to realization... every step and detail is carefully and accurately studied. All products are made by high quality materials to offer to the client a safety product with competitive price.

For more details and tailor-made design please visit our web site: www.lacognata.it